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Let’s get to work. We like to streamline process and let different departments work together more efficiently. On this pageare a number of realized solutions.


Customer Service

Shipping tool


Bordex Packaging was looking for a solution to connect Afas and Transsmart in order to generate shipments more efficiently. A front-end interface would allow for manual actions to be taken on the data before it is sent to Transsmart, effectively allowing for more shipment generations.

Custom return flow

Logistics Customer Service CRM App/website

We connected Magento, Afas and our custom warehouse application to streamline the process for all returns for our customer Bordex.

Improved quote process

Sales Customer Service CRM

Processing a quote request takes a lot of time for Data had to be manually transferred into several systems to maintain an overview of the progress, to communicate with the customer, and ultimately to proceed with an online order. We have fully automated this process, reducing their time spent per customer from 25 minutes to an average of just 5 minutes.

Clear & fast scheduling process

Logistics CRM

The Educational Institution, Brave Minds faced a critical problem in the coordinating of internship meetings for 300 students, which required a fast and effective solution, with a limited creation and implementation timeframe of two weeks.

Automated Commissions & Financial Reports

Sales Finance Logistics CRM

JustStay, is a property management company, that oversees properties on behalf of their owners. JustStay struggled with an unnecessary labour-intensive process. As, every fiscal quarter they had to manually take data from both Airtable and Moneybird, aligning it with specific propery owners. Followed by, manually writing detailed reports, and calculating the associated comissions. This process took unecessary time and effort, and distracted from more critical tasks. JustStay, seeking efficiency and streamlining, was looking for a solution to help resolve their problem.

Reduced report generation time

Logistics CRM

Brave Minds the educational institution, spend 1.5 hours per student to manually examine if they were qualified to take the final exams or not. The reason for this is that for every single student their marks were retrieved and checked by hand. This tedious task required numerous unecessary steps. As, at the time Brave Minds had around 2.000 students on a yearly basis the total time spend on this process quickly piled up. Brave Minds was in desperate need for an effective solution in order to be able to support their quick growth.

Efficient delivery planning & customer tracking

Logistics Customer Service CRM

On a daily basis five orders are placed for courier delivery. However, with this it is challenging to generate efficient routes manually. This can be quite time-consuming and if not done correctly it could have potential negative consequences for both customer satisfaction and productivity. 

Streamlined contract generating & signing

Logistics Customer Service

Signing contracts at Braveminds used to require a lot of communication and time. Contracts were all manually printed, scanned in, delivered, and signed. Moreover, because this process required the signing of 3 individuals it could be quite exhausting to get it done.

A versatile automatic text generator

Sales Logistics

We integrated ChatGPT into our solution, to relieve our client from writing 20.000 product descriptions by hand, and automatically helped write text, specialized on both the products itself and their potential target groups.