No-code made it possible for You Rookie to develop an MVP within a week

1 week

to develop an MVP

_the challenge

You Rookie is a community platform where student and young professionals can be matched with mentors from existing businesses in order to discuss complex problems. Looking for an accessible way to create this new platform, you rookie wanted to setup an MVP, as with an unfamiliar business model like this, it was important for them to have a lot of initial learnings.

_the solution

With the use of existing no-code tools like we managed to create a self-service platform MVP. Here, we took into account that there are different roles of users with different conditional visibility. All of the processes and automations in the background are made with Make/Integromat. In order to have the right features in place we really searched for the limits within and managed to create a usable product in a matter of days.

"Absolute professionals, simple and straightforward. It was a pleasure to work with them!"

Goran Vranar


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