Virgin music is rocking it by unlocking artist data much faster

2 hours

manual work saved per day

140 labels

can supply data with this scalable solution

_the challenge

Virgin Music is an artist-development focused, full label services and distribution company, providing commercial, radio promotion, marketing, synch/branding/licensing and digital marketing services.

In order to facilitate data to the right parties they needed a tool for labels to supply information on releases to Virgin. Now labels can log into their own environment and review their upcoming releases.

_the solution

We extended their Airtable base that connects the existing data from the Virgin Music Database in BigQuery to active users, which are users connected to overarching music labels. This all is then connected to a front-end in order to make user interaction as intuitive as possible.

Here, users can log in, fill in forms on conditionally visible data, review open topics, and review their history. The data is then automatically sent via Make to the right parties. And everyone gets automated e-mail notifications whenever an action is required.

“We are very happy with the solution. Codeless Factory took a fresh look at our case and came up with a practical approach. And the communication was very smooth."

Marcel Marshall

Head of Product Development & Services at Virgin Music

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