The Branding Club can scale towards an international platform

10 times

orders can be handled

80 hours

of work saved per week

_the challenge

The Branding Club helps hospitality companies get the maximum out of their branding. They do this by creating powerful hospitality branding in the form of marketing, design, and products. They are growing rapidly and are looking for scalability in their internal processes. Many manual actions are a bottleneck for the amount of orders they can handle.

_the solution

On a weekly base, we help The Branding Club to analyse, optimize and automate their business processes with the use of smart digital tools. We do this by connecting these tools to the existing tool stack within the organization. This caused The Branding Club to be able to scale towards an international organization that can handle anything. 

Automations also improved the communication towards the customers, and caused for less failure costs. How? By automating the purchase process, internal and external communication, and the logistical process.

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