Sessy achieves significant time savings through automation.

50 times

more quotes can be handled

20 minutes

saved per quote

_the challenge

Sessy formerly managed a quotation webpage designed with the sole purpose of receiving quotes. 

However, once a quote had been submitted it remained without further action. The process was highly manual, requiring subsequent tasks such as CRM data entry, project management linkage, and customer communication to be done by hand. This not only consumed valuable time but also strained resources. 

As the company experienced increased success, the need for a scalable solution became essential in order to facilitate further growth.

_the solution

Codeless Factory has set up an automation scenario to take care of most of the required tasks. This scenario was integrated into the old application and made no use of any new tools, which meant that no employee training was required. From now on, Quotes will be automatically placed within their project management, and CRM data system. In addition, simultaneously an email will be send to all involved parties, so that purchases can be made immediately, and customers will be notified with reminders in case necessary. This scenario was realised within 8 hours, enabling Sessy to quickly spring back into action.

To conclude, this solution has enhanced the efficiency of the sales process and ensured improvement of costumer management and communication, allowing for more quotes and a closer relation to customers. 

By allowing Sessy to shift their main focus onto different objectives it has also opened up space for growth and an increase in productivity.

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