is scaling faster with the use of no-code tools

20 hours

manual work saved per day

85 suppliers

can supply data with this scalable solution

_the challenge is one of the fastest growing start-ups in the printing industry. They created an online web-to-print platform where marketing professionals order their print in just over two clicks. The company was founded in 2017 under the wing of entrepreneur Marco Aarnink, and since, the company has expanded internationally and grown substantially.

To manage the immense growth, the challenge was to keep track on the internal processes. Processes that included the manual courier flow, quality management, delivery management and data insight.

_the solution

Airtable was used to as a database for couriers, delivery and quality management. In order to give a better overview for users, was used to create an intuitive front-end.

Here, suppliers and employees can log in. Based on roles, we customized the front-end and the accessibility to data to make it intuitive and a scalable solution. The data is then automatically streamlined in the right place by using Make. By automating all the processes, was able to manage the growth and keep track of the internal processes.

In order to give more insight into the data, automation tools like Make were used in combination with dashboarding tools like Tableau.


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