Madaq celebrates birthdays with more efficiency.

_the challenge

Madaq offered their business customers the possibility to subscribe to a service, where all of their employees receive a box of chocolate, as a gift on their birthday.

To be able to carry out this service, customers had to provide Madaq with a CSV file containing all of their employees. 

Then once on a weekly basis, Madaq had to dig through all CSV files to figure out who would be having their birthday in the following week. Once found a person had to be put unto the production list of that week, to ensure the gift would be ready on time.

This weekly process brought with it a lot of drawbacks and plainly said, was quite inefficient. Regularly going through all CSV files could lead to potential delays or errors. Eventually, as the business clients would expand, manually managing birthday gifts for employees would become less scalable.

This meant a solution was necessary. A more automated and efficient system would be needed to handle larger volumes of data and decrease workloads significantly.

_the solution

As a solution Codeless Factory has build a Glide-Application to take care of most of these manual tasks.

Within this application different business customers of Madaq can load in their CSV files containing their employee base. An extra feature has been implemented where customers can even choose a special perimeter of giftlevels, to categorize gifts for different employees and ensure a more personalized feel. 

To ensure a good overview for Madaq a dashboard has been developed containing all upcoming orders, subscribed businesses, and a complete list of receivers.

Now to ensure minimal effort, every morning a Make scenario is activated, that filters through all employee bases and selects the employees who's birthdays are aproaching.
In Madaq's case, for each person in the selection an Api request gets called that places all required information within PicQer, which is their Order handling & Warehouse management software.

This solution ensures that Madaq has to spend less time and effort with the administation of this process, and has a beter overview of the service in its entirety.

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