Brave Minds saves 65 hours per week.

10 times

submissions can be handled

65 hours

of work saved per week

_the challenge

Brave Minds is a premium educational institution committed to delivering exceptional results. In the past Brave Minds made use of Google sheets to manage student data. Everything was done by hand, from reviewing to editing. Due to their ongoing success and increasing student enrolment each year, Their administrative processes and workflows were quite intensive and soon became confusing and unsustainable for the future. A robust solution was urgently needed to streamline their unique application procedures.

_the solution

Codeless Factory has ensured that all processes now run automatically. These solutions were completely integrated into the old applications and systems, to be able to create a solution that could be implemented within a short time-span.

Because Brave Minds is handling sensitive data,  this solution was drawn out and build by carefully collaborating and executing our Automation Growth Plan, in order to ensure a solution that was both functional and secure.

Together we identified both the long-term objectives and the existing bottlenecks hindering those objectives. We discovered that the most time-consuming aspect was the application process. Consequently, we've revamped this procedure from the ground up, resulting in a daily time-saving of several hours during application registrations.

In addition, Codeless Factory has also created a frontend, to improve the ease-of-use for both Brave Minds and its clients. After implementation and automation of the old applications to enhance speed, Codeless Factory has shifted towards optimizing the new systems to strive for optimal quality.

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