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Roderik and Milan founded Codeless Factory late 2021. They share the experience gained at the fast growing startup Print.com; ensure that all processes are efficiently and scalable in an ever-changing organization with international ambitions. 

With their background in business administration and commerce, along with an inexhaustible motivation for improvement, they know how to streamline any business, from startup to corporate, from MVP to e-commerce platform. 

When analyzing a business case, their hands are already itching. They are ready to start quickly and know how to convert every challenge into practical and efficient solutions.

Working with the latest tools, they continuously develop their skills and expand their toolbox. As a result, they proactively propose the ideal solution for your business processes. This way you can focus on your future business and Roderik and Milan prepare it for scalability and optimal return.

Milan Muiderman

Founder & Codeless Engineer

Roderik Volman

Founder & Codeless Engineer

The Codeless Factory

The name was not chosen randomly. Through their experience, they soon discovered that it is impossible for many entrepreneurs to automate their entire workflow based on custom software. Due to the scarcity of developers on the labor market and the relatively high development costs, alternatives have been found to optimize processes and quickly validate new propositions. 

A new discipline emerged to deal with this problem; codeless, also known as no-code or low-code. By using existing software tools and connecting them seamlessly, it is possible to run complete business models more efficiently. This applies to existing companies and to concepts that have yet to be validated.

This insight, together with a healthy work ethic to roll up their sleeves, gave rise to the ambition to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams and produce results on the assembly line. Get to know Codeless factory.

Codeless Factory B.V.

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